To Do List

This list intended to be kept up to date to show what I need to do, what I’ve done and what comes up as I go along!


  1. New windows
  2. Repair/replace stairs/banister
  3. Replaster hallway
  4. Choose and have shelving/cupboards fitted in recesses

Front of House

  1. Repair windowledges
  2. Paint front of house
  3. Put in some greenery
  4. New gate
  5. New wall?
  6. Dig in permanent flowerbed?

Back Garden

  1. Remove/prune tree
  2. Re-felt shed  
  3. Create pot plant stand
  4. Remove circular central raised beds


  1. Box in boiler
  2. Final bits of damp proofing
  3. New kitchen…


  1. Buy floor tiles
  2. Buy heated towel rail
  3. Choose and buy taps
  4. Choose and buy shower?
  5. Choose and buy new door
  6. Have new suite fitted

Living Room

  1. Repair floor in back half of living room
  2. Build windowseat
  3. Replaster walls
  4. Recarpet/expose floor

Soft Furnishing

  1. Choose colours for each room



Initial list as at April 2014


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