Food: Huevos Rancheros

I haven’t done a food entry in a while.  So here’s what I’m cooking for dinner tonight:


…Huevos Rancheros, which to my understanding is a spicy egg and bean dish served on a tortilla (at least, that’s what I’ve gleaned from looking at the picture and reading the ingredients list).  I have been trying to find more healthy evening meals that aren’t going to leave me feeling short of energy, like quite a lot of ‘diet’ foods do because all the real nutrition has been removed.  This recipe is actually from Runner’s World and features in their running manuals and on their website HERE.  It’s full of protein and good fats.  The really great thing about it is that it’s quick (10-12 minutes) and simple (only heating and chopping really) to prepare, so is a good choice when you’re feeling like you have hardly any time to prepare food after a long day at work and a post-work run.

(NB it would probably be even quicker if I didn’t insist on using every pan in the kitchen thus creating more washing up than really necessary)

Here’s mine:



Ok, so I’ve managed to hide the tomatoes and refried beans under the eggs and I also went for a margarita over a tomato juice, but I think this counts as a success.  It was also very tasty, though it’s one of those dishes where you probably have to make it a few times, adjusting the level of chilli, before you get it quite how you like it.  I knew mine was just the right type of spicy by the fact the cats took one smell and sauntered off without even one attempt to steal a bit.  I will definitely be having this again  🙂


Cheese Scones – What went wrong?

I think I’m about to break one of the unwritten rules of home/food blogging by posting something rather unattractive.

When I come across the baking/cooking/foodie posts of other home bloggers, their creations are always yummy looking and prompt feelings of wanting to attempt whatever they have made for myself so that I can also indulge in the tasty delight shown in the blog picures.   I very much doubt the picture to follow will inspire similar feelings in those viewing it!

The reason I’ve been looking at food posts is that I’ve been determined that in order to justify the super-shiny kitchen I have been dreaming of, I will spend the years in which we are saving for it also learning to use it.   Thus far I have mastered the victoria sponge cake and the odd ‘healthy’ recipe (and in relation to the latter, I mean I’ve cooked them once and pronounced them edible).   So today, in an attempt to widen my range, though staying at the fairly simple end of the difficulty scale, I decided to make some cheese scones.  My friend Cat has made them on several occasions and they’ve been lovely – tasty on their own or good with pea soup!

They are made by using a plain scone recipe and adding grated cheese.  I used the BBC Good Food receipe – here.  5 ingredients, 5 steps.  How hard can it be?

Well, here is the picture of what they should look like:


And here is the picture of what mine look like:


Why are mine cheese biscuits?!   Can someone with more culinary talent than I (i.e. most people) please point out what I did wrong?  They’re very tasty but not entirely what I was aiming for.