A new front door…

So, I think I mentioned that the first job we had done was the replacement of the front door.   You might remember that I recently wrote about things to think about when choosing a front door and concluded that the two main things to think about were that the door was secure and that it looked good.  Well, here’s the original entryway to the Cloud in all its glory:

Old Door:

old door

It’s not the sexiest door really.

Out main concern was security though.  Mainly because glass can be easily broken and the panels on this door were large enough for a person to fit through if the glass was removed.  Also, despite the glass being slightly opaque, it was still possible to see post on the mat in the hallway if you were in the storm porch.   We felt that wouldn’t be great when we were away from the house for any length of time.   Finally, the lock was fairly simple and old.

So out came the catalogue and on went the thinking caps.   The new door was selected and it was at this point we hit our first snag.  Believe it or not, our DIY skills were so limited that we weren’t entirely sure how to properly take the measurements for the new door.   It wasn’t helped by the window panel above the door either as we were struggling to work out if that was a separate element or a part of the door frame (it was the latter).   The order form queried our selection of all manner of unheard of things such as weld finish, threshold and cill.   In the end we got our builder to fill those parts in whilst we concentrated on the interesting bits like choosing handles, letterplates and a knocker.

And here’s the finished product…

New Door:

new door

I wish the transformation had been as simple as writing about it, but installing the door was our first lesson in fixing up an old house and taught us the rule that has yet to be broken in any of our subsequent projects.

Any small job you do on an old house will never be straightforward.

The only revision to this rule I’m considering is that it should apply to big jobs too.  I won’t bore you with the details of mammoth task that was fitting the new front door.  The short version is that it took the best part of 13 hours (our builder has endless patience) and involved discovering that when the previous door had been fitted it had been done so without the frame of the door prior to it having been removed and the whole welded together mass was incredibly time-consuming and difficult to remove (without taking most of the wall with it, which was of course my preference).

A couple more tweaks to make the handle less stiff and the lock line up properly and it was done, we think it looks very good!  I think we could do with a new gate too though…


2 thoughts on “A new front door…

    • Thanks! Though it’s too early to have house envy, we’re only at the start of a long journey to making it lovely. It’s a great space, but currently a very rickety, broken space!!

      I need to pester you about ferrets and black cat earrings 😉

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