Little Grey Cloud


This is Little Grey Cloud HQ.

Bought in mid-2009 as the first home of Mr BV and I, this little peach-coloured terrace is where I’m writing from and what I’ll (mainly) be writing about.

The house is a three bedroom Victorian terrace in North London and is pretty much in the same condition we found it apart from some minor essential work.  Oh, and the front door you can see in the picture – we did that.   Now that we’ve had a wedding and a honeymoon and a new car, fixing up the house is our main priority.

2013 will be the Year of the House.  We’ll do something big.  And productive.  Maybe even fit the new bathroom suite that’s been stowed at the back of the living room for over a year.   There’s plenty to choose from anyway.  As I mentioned on the ‘About Me’ page, ‘needs modernisation’ in the case of this house means nearly everything needs doing.   Up to now, the house has dictated the order in which things have been sorted by developing cracks, leaks and by things simply refusing to work.

I’ve decided it’s time to take responsibililty for the Little Grey Cloud and turn it into the cozy, lovely home it is meant to be.  I’m writing about it as I go for three reasons:


1 – to hold myself accountable for making progress

2 – to (hopefully) get help/feedback on my ideas

3 – to have a way to look back at what we achieve


Over the next few entries I’ll give you a little tour of the house and write about some of the ideas we’ve been considering.  As there’s lots of boring essential work to be done first, we have plenty of time before any of the pretty things can be started!

PS – As well as writing about the house, I’d love to read more about renovating/decorating so please recommend me your favourite forums/blogs on the subject!


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